Forever Wish


A-yo reader aku kembali lagi disini hahaha, sorry guys aku terlalu lama menghilang. Kali ini aku tidak akan kasih kalian-kalian artikel tapi aku hanya akan ngeshare sebuah lagu

#Tumben amat

#Iya dong ini lagu special jadi aku share

Ini lagunya yang buat temenku facebook namanya Pakun, lagu ini didedikasikan untuk Sone seluruh dunia, tar dari tadi aku nyocos aja tanpa memberi tau judulnya yah?

#iya dodol

#Ya maaf

Judul lagunya Forever Wish liriknya berisi tentang SNSD, yah lagu ini sebenarnya project dari SONE INA menyambut 6 Anniversary SNSD, lagu ini sudah cukup popular beberapa hari ini berkat bantuan teman-teman SONE yang ngeshare didunia maya, dan aku kali ini akan mengeshare lagi supaya lebih terkenal haha, mohon bantuannya yah temen-temen SONE

Liriknya bagus banget, sangat mendalam coy lebih dalam dari laut yang paling dalam sekalipun #lebay

Ini dia Link Video dan MP3nya Download ye hahaha


Vocal by                                              : Awanda Zaizai, Eva Tristin, Mega Ratnasari & PakunHwang
Song & lyric by                                 : PakunHwang Jamuran
Music arrangement by                 : Mega Ratnasari

Ok Check This Out Ini dia liriknya

Forever Wish

Yeah~ Just listen to me
This is a SONEs song for GIRLS GENERATION
Yeongwonhan SONE

It’s started from the emergence of a strong determination
And it made the nine angels met in one destination
You came INTO THE NEW WORLD.. With nothing but a dreams
Hoping to reach the dream with the endelessly effort

Thanks for coming to this world
For bringing up my hopes
I learn so many things bout life a lot from each of you
You girls despite all your haters, continued to fight for your dreams

You took the others judgement as your motivation to improve
You proved that you can reach TOP with all of your efforts
OH! My GEE! I learn so many precious thins from you

Yeah~ Yeah yeah yeah~

I learned that everything cant be obtained instaneously
I learned how to be a person who can accept what God has given to me
I learned to always respect the other even I’ve reach the TOP of the world
I learned to always enjoy what ever I do

Thanks to coming to this world
For bringing up my hopes
I learn so many thins bour life a lot from each of you
You proved to every single one that every thing can be come

When there’s a strong will in your heart, you will always find the way
The girls who dreamed to conguer Asia, but dominated the world

With your.. Charming glow~

A-Yo GG!

As you say, you’re lady but you STAY GIRLS
And i’m here as your GENIE who’ll fulfill your wish
IT’S FANTASTIC to know you as a group of amazing girls

Ahjumma Generation.
U’re Gag Generation.
And Dorky Generation
Who make my life complete

I know HOW GREAT IS YOUR LOVE that u given to me
So I PROMISE to love u

For the Dorky Kid Leader
Warm Ice Princess, Energy Pill
The one who brighter than a Mushroom.
Uri Dancing Queen, Kkab Black Pearl.
Charming Sikshin, Goddess Him Choding.
And for uri Cute Maknae.

U’ll shine in my heart like a DIAMOND that TWINKLE-twinkle in the sky



I’ll be there for you as a YEONGWONHAN SONE

You’re not just an icon of idol
You’re not just an icon of girl group
You’re not just an bunch of pretty girl who just perfect physically

For me you’re more than what people said
For me you’re more than what people see
For me you’re not like what people think when they judged you~

In my eyes you’re the most amazing girls who was give me spirits and teach good things to me
I’m proud to know not just as an idol but as inviduals who teach me many things about life~

I’ll never let ur TEARS to fall out
I’ll never let ur smile to fade off
So, please to stay healty, BE HAPPY, and give ur brightest smile to me
Coz ur smile is a reason behind off all my happiness

I’ll be stay here for you as you FOREVER WISH~

I learn about love, that I don’t have any reason to loving you cause now I know ‘LOVE’ with a reasons isn’t long lasting

Bagimana? Bagus bukan? Saking bagusnya rasanya pengen aku pacarin aja ini lagu #korban Iklan

Ayo Guys aku harap kalian bisa memberi dukungan pada lagu ini, supaya kita sebagai Sone Ina sekali bisa unjuk gigi didepan Sone Internasional, Tunjukan kalau kita ini bisa Hwating!

Oya untuk next artikel akan secepatnya aku buat #semoga

Oya disini ada yang mau nonton GGT Ina?

Kalau ada tolong tunjukan diri anda sekarang juga

#emang author nonton?

#kagak sih

Hahaha ya udah deh mungkin next artikel adalah Hwang Cousin, udah ada yang tau sepupunya Tiffany belum? Kalau belum yah syukur deh kalau udah yah sudah hahaha

Pye pye


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